About Sandra

Sandra grew up in the foothills of Northern Colorado​ where her love of rivers, blue skies, and mountains took root. She majored in Psychology at Colorado State University where she met her husband, Wes, of 20+ years. Life took them on a journey to the eastern part of the United States and they now live outside of Louisville, Kentucky with their two entertaining, but adorable kids, a couple of wacky-doodle dogs and a Siamese cat who demands a lot of attention. 

Sandra left a career in law to begin her writing journey in 2017. She is a former student and assistant at the Children's Book Academy and has enjoyed learning from other authors and illustrators in groups like 12x12 and SCBWI events. In 2021, Sandra opened Gnome Road Publishing with the goal of producing engaging and informative books for young children by talented creatives in the KidLit community. 


Some Not-S0-Random Facts

Favorite Adventures: Mountain biking, beaches, and brews.

Favorite Color:  Blue (especially, Elwha Blue).

Favorite Animal:  Siamese cats (meet "Coconut Baron Von Waffles" on the left). 

Favorite Childhood Books:  The Riddle Monster by Lisa Weil ​and This Room is Mine by Betty Ren Wright (Judy Stang, illustrator).

Favorite Food Group: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Favorite Fascinations: Rivers, dams, and floods.


Past Lives: Attorney, Marriage & Family Therapist, and Medical Assistant.

Future lives: Jewelry maker, photographer, and world traveler.

Hidden Talents:  Green chili chef and "Queen of Reframes"