Ten Fun Facts: 

  1. I love to mountain bike with my adventurous husband. 

  2. My favorite color is blue (especially, Elwha blue).

  3. I was an archery instructor for the Boy Scouts. 

  4. I love Siamese cats (with our newest family addition being a seal point named "Coconut Baron Von Waffles)

  5. My favorite childhood picture book is The Riddle Monster by Lisl Weil.

  6. I love to draw, but am (obviously) not an illustrator.

  7. I make a spectacular spicy green chili. 

  8. My favorite food group is cookie dough. 

  9. I am fascinated with rivers, dams, and floods. 

  10. The first picture book story I ever wrote is about a yellow-bellied marmot. 


About Me

As far as stories go, my journey to becoming a children's book author would take too much time to read and be incredibly boring. The condensed version is that I became a writer "for real" after attending my first SCBWI conference in the winter of 2017. After that, I was hooked and off on a new adventure.


You can find me working on multiple projects at any given time. Maybe a picture book with humor and word-play, a concept book, narrative non-fiction or historical fiction, a quiet bedtime story, or even a rhyming text or two. I also write chapter books and middle grade, and have a young adult novel in the works. Every once in a while, a poem or sketch will make it into the mix. 


I live in the beautiful town of Saratoga Springs, New York with my husband, Wes, and our two spunky, adorably sweet kids. Originally from Northern Colorado, my love of the West tends to get sprinkled throughout my stories, including my debut picture book, The Real Farmer in the Dell. 


To learn more about me and my writing, check out the News section for links to interviews and blog posts.   

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