Need a Critique? I can help!

Need help with your picture book manuscript? 


Maybe you already have a critique group but want a fresh set of eyes on your manuscript. Or maybe the time to commit to a group isn't there right now, but you want a supportive and thoughtful review of your story. 


I would love to help! I've critiqued many manuscripts, including rhyming texts, and would be happy to take a look at your work. You can expect a "big picture" review of the basic structure and story elements (hooks, story arc, voice, tension, closings, etc.), a look at the overall strengths as well as areas that need development, and suggestions to rephrase or eliminate unnecessary words that don't help carry the story forward. Although I sometimes comment on basic grammar, spelling and formatting issues, my focus won't be on that part of your work. I will check for consistent meter and proper rhyme for an additional charge and so long as you can provide a description of your rhyme scheme and meter before I begin my critique. 


For all new non-rhyming picture book manuscript critiques:  $50 up to 1000 words (both fiction or non-fiction). 


For all new rhyming picture book manuscript critiques: $60 up to 1000 words (both fiction or non-fiction).


For all follow-up reviews (a "mini-critique" of a revised manuscript): $15 


  • For a critique of longer works or for a Skype or Zoom meeting about your manuscript, please contact me to discuss pricing and availability.

  • Please understand that there are times I am not available/unable to take on a project. I also reserve the right to decline any manuscript for critique services.  

  • Please note that while I intend for my critique to be a valuable tool to help strengthen your manuscript, the ultimate decision on what you choose to revise is up to you. I cannot make any guarantees with respect to whether your manuscript will be accepted by a particular agent or publishing house. This is a highly subjective business and tastes and approaches to storytelling vary from person to person within the publishing community.

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