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Finding the Silver Linings

Maybe you already have a critique group but want a fresh take on your manuscript. Or maybe the time to commit to a group isn't there right now, but you want a supportive and thoughtful review of your story. I would love to help!


I've reviewed hundreds of manuscripts as a critique partner and editor and would be happy to take a look at your work. You can expect a "big picture" review of the basic structure and story elements (hooks, story arc, voice, tension, closings, etc.), a look at the overall strengths as well as areas that need development, and suggestions to rephrase or eliminate unnecessary words that don't carry the story forward. Although I sometimes comment on basic grammar, spelling, and formatting issues, my focus won't be on that part of your work. I will check for consistent meter and proper rhyme for an additional charge and so long as you can provide a description of your rhyme scheme and meter before the critique. 


Email me at sandra@sdsutter.com to inquire about availability as this can vary throughout the year. 

I am also open for WIX website design services. Please email for rates and availability. 

For all new non-rhyming picture book manuscript critiques:  $50 up to 1000 words (both fiction or non-fiction). 


For all new rhyming picture book manuscript critiques: $75 up to 1000 words (both fiction or non-fiction).


For all follow-up reviews (a "mini-critique" of a revised manuscript): $20 


For a critique of longer works or for a Skype or Zoom meeting about your manuscript, please email me to discuss pricing. 

Note that there are times I am not available/unable to critique. I also reserve the right to decline any manuscript for critique services.


While critiques are intended to be a valuable tool to help strengthen your manuscript, the ultimate decision on what you choose to revise is up to you. There are no guarantees that your manuscript will be accepted by a particular agent or publishing house. This is a highly subjective business. Tastes and approaches vary from person to person within the publishing community.