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Let's get this rodeo started, shall we? 

This being my first ever blog post, I think now is a good time to thank the five people who might be reading this for showing up. You all are the best! And you will always be my favorites (but shhhh... don't tell the others when they get here). 

What better way to begin than with an invitation for you to tell me what kinds of topics and information you would like to see covered here? Or maybe you have a super important question about my books or my current projects that you are eager to ask? Just leave a comment and I will do my best to answer in future posts! 

For now, stay tuned for a link to the next "Pitch It to Me" Challenge, a fun contest I hold every three months on the Wonder of Words Blog (a collaboration with my amazing critique partners). You'll want to cast your vote for the best pitch and support two amazing children's book authors.

~ Until next time 

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