The REAL Farmer in the Dell


From Clear Fork Publishing / Spork

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Everyone knows the song, The Farmer in the Dell. But no one knows the REAL story. Find out the truth from a little mouse who was actually there. Prepare for a modern twist that turns the original stereotypes upside down and empowers girls and boys to imagine new possibilities. Filled with humor and fun retro-rodeo illustrations, this book is sure to delight and surprise you to the very end.


"It's rare to find the pairing of artist and writer so solid and effective, but The Real Farmer in the Dell achieves this and more with a remake on a classic which successfully confronts stereotypes and allows girls and boys to realize both the strength and fun in being more flexible and empowered. 


The Real Farmer in the Dell is a top recommendation: a witty, original, thought-provoking survey of how gender roles can be enthusiastically expanded for the benefit of all." - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer,  Midwest Book Review



"Definitely, a 5-star book!. . . I think every school, home, and public library should have this entertaining and engaging book on the shelf." - Barbara Fanson, Reader's Favorite Book Review



"A clever retelling of the childhood nursery rhyme we grew up singing and now sing with our children. As a former kindergarten teacher, I would’ve enjoyed reading this book to my class and creating all sorts of fun activities to go along with it! It’s a fun, thought-provoking read with fabulous illustrations!" - Amazon Customer

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Illustrations by Chantelle and Burgen Thorne

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